One of the friendliest welcomes in the wolds

'Family Butchers'
Far Street, Wymeswold,
Leicestershire, LE12 6TZ
01509 880255

This long-established family business is particulary renowned for the very high quality of its home-killed, locally farmed meat together with a host of other locally prepared products and one of the friendliest 'welcomes' in the wolds.

  • Highest quality, home-killed beef, pork and lamb.
  • Best quality poultry.
  • Home produced sausages.
  • Home made savoury pies, fruit tarts and cakes.
  • Home prepared cold meats.
  • Locally produced sauces and preserves.
  • Home Deliveries.

If it's not on the list, just phone 01509 880255 and ask us !

In 1900 the shop was also 'The Bull's Head' pub (left) and in 2003 (right) the building is virtually unchanged and still sports a sign with a 'bull's head' image


In 1900 the shop was 'The Bull's Head' pub  The butcher's shop in 2003 - almost unchanged externally since 1900

The records from 1900 show that the landlord of 'The Bull's Head' was also a butcher. Hence, this has been an outlet for local meat for over 100 years. Our local investigations show that the Collington family has owned and run this as a dedicated butchers for over 85 years.