Pedalling to Paris


As you may have seen on the news or in the posters up around the village, Dan Norcott from Brook Street is in kidney failure awaiting a transplant from his mum, and in the meantime is getting fit and raising money for the Kidney Care Appeal by cycling to Paris.

Setting off from Wymeswold on May 4th, Dan and two friends, Andy Stafford and Rich Moss, will make their way down to central London to join the Avenue Verte - a cycle path under construction from London all the way to Paris. From there the path winds down through the south of England to Newhaven, and picks up in Dieppe (they'll cheat and get the ferry - a pedalo was discussed but seemed impractical), then snakes through the French countryside, coming into Paris along the Seine from the west.

So far, he's raised over £6,000 for the leicester-based charity, who fund exercise research for kidney patients and invest in seed projects such as recumbent exercise bikes for dialysis patients, which has been a tremendous success.  They also fund basic scientific equipment such as pipettes and liquid nitrogen for experiments - a current ongoing one being into the causes of muscle wasting in kidney patients.

For more information, please visit his website at