Village Design Statement

This Village Design Statement (VDS) describes the distinctive character of Wymeswold village and surrounding parish. The historical evolution of the present village is summarized. Representative views of residents are set out, emphasising those features regarded as most attractive and distinctive, in the expectation that these will be retained and emulated in future development. The conservation area of the village is particularly large by comparison to the village size. Of 466 households in the parish, 425 lie inside the village envelope with 294 (69%) of these situated within the conservation area that was defined in January 1974. There is much modern development within and on the edges of the conservation area.

Since the village settlement and its conservation area are compact and intricately entwined, the VDS will provide important guidance for the sympathetic treatment of vistas both from and within the village for developers and householders alike. The conservation area is defined with a dotted black line (shaded magenta) on the village map.

The purpose of this Village Design Statement is to inform and influence all involved in the design of planning proposals within the village, such as:

  • Architects, builders, designers and developers
  • Residents and local property owners considering alterations to existing buildings as well as back land development
  • The local planning authority (Charnwood Borough Council)
  • Wymeswold Parish Council
  • The local highways authority