Wymeswold Wildlife


Wymeswold village attracts quite a variety of wildlife, some of which is incredibly beautiful, some quite scarce, and some not really very welcome. The fields around Wymeswold, in the Parish support a wider variety of plants and animals, some of which struggle against the changes made in the countryside by humans, changes which have been quite rapid over the last 50 years or so. However, there is still a lot to see, and with digital cameras we now have a far better chance of recording them than ever before.

Records are now being kept of the species we see, and the records are sent on to the Community Heritage Initiative, based at Holly Hayes, Birstall. This branch of Leicestershire County Council not only keeps wildlife records, but also runs free courses on Natural History and how to record it creatively.

Wymeswold has a Heritage Warden who keeps the records initially, before sending them on to the Community Heritage Initiative. If anybody sees any interesting wild plants or animals, we would appreciate the date of the sighting, the place, (ideally with a grid reference, but a description will do), a name of the species if possible (if not a photo), and the name of the person sending in the record. Please send any records to the Wymeswold Heritage Warden by e-mail at lorraine.ellison@googlemail.com, or phone 01509 880858