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Brook Street
Queen's Park
Church / Granvilles
St. Mary's from Church Street


Wymeswold is situated at the northern boundary of Leicestershire mid-way between the cities of Nottingham and Leicester. See location map.

Wymeswold holds a number of events every year, such as the famous Duck Races, the Open Gardens and the Washstock music festival.

If you would like to report Wymeswold news, publicise Wymeswold events or advertise local organisations please Contact Us. For information about any of the organisations or events please get in touch with the contact named.

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WHO news

The current edition of 'The WHO's What's What', a newsletter from the Wolds Historical Organisation.

Interested in a Couch to 5K?


The Wolds Historical Organisation - for local history.

Wymeswold Parish Council - for more Parish Council information.

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Bringing Them Home - Wymeswold’s WW1 Project