Community Speed Watch Campaign


I would like record my thanks to all the volunteers who were involved in the latest ‘Community Speed Watch’ in June. Especially John Hill who helped out with 11 of the 40 time slots, and David Ryan for undertaking the data transfer of hand written sheets onto Excel spreadsheets (in order to forward to Leicestershire County Council and Leicestershire Police). I’m sad to say that some of the letters from Leicestershire Constabulary will be sent to parishioners- you know who you are and I’ll say no more!

Thirty one people gave their time to record information about speeding vehicles, including three new volunteers! The hour long time slots have been light-hearted affairs as usual, with plenty of banter and the opportunity to meet other people from the village that you may not have come across before.

This time we also borrowed a digital display from Leicestershire County Council which was connected to the radar gun to inform motorists of their speed and to give the opportunity to slow down. However, between us we still managed to record 547 vehicles in excess of 36mph. This is in comparison to 1076 for the four week period in September.

The highest recorded speed on Rempstone Road was 49mph, which was recorded on two occasions, and the highest speed on East Road was 56mph. All these vehicles were inbound, which is pretty frightening! Despite allocating time slots to London Lane we didn’t manage to record anyone in excess of 36mph, although we’re all aware that speeding occurs on London Lane, Wysall Lane and Brook Street. Unfortunately we never seem to catch them when we’ve got the radar gun!

It’s a popular misconception that many of the lorries entering the village are speeding. Again, this didn’t prove to be the case. Anyone who has helped out this time round or last September will tell you that the bigger the vehicles, the faster it seems to be approaching. In June we recorded 14 lorries in excess of 36mph, ironically as much as we might dislike the articulated lorries rattling through the village they do a pretty good job of keeping cars within the speed limit!

Out of the 43 planned sessions, 3 had to be cancelled due to heavy rain.

The busiest time slot was Saturday 22nd June when 40 vehicles were recorded in excess of 35mph between 6pm and 7pm. Generally, in the first session of the day between 07:15 and 08:15am the number of vehicles driving in excess of 36mph was down on September 2012 figures, but I’m personally convinced that the volume of traffic using the A6006 has increased in the last nine months: vehicles are almost bumper to bumper some mornings, which doesn’t afford them the opportunity to speed. For those sceptics who thought we were wasting our time getting out of bed early on Saturday and Sunday mornings, we actually recorded between 17 and 26 vehicles per session!

As a Parish Council we continue to keep the reduction of speed throughout Wymeswold high on our list of priorities. We have had three visits from the Mobile Camera Enforcement unit since September and hopefully towards the end of September this year, the Highways Department will be installing a 20mph advisory zone to assist children and parents to cross the A6006 at peak times.

I would also like to express my thanks to our Beacon Officer Miranda Gent for organising a ‘Fatal 4 Clinic’ in the village. ‘Fatal4’ is a term that is used by the emergency services which summarises the four most likely causes of fatal road traffic collisions: drink driving, speeding, driving while on a mobile phone, and driving without a seatbelt. Motorists will be monitored along the A6006 and those drivers seen to be committing one or more of the ‘FATAL4’ offences will be dealt with in the appropriate manner, which may lead to prosecution by the Police. The date of the ‘Fatal 4 clinic’ has been embargoed for the obvious reasons!

Thanks again to everyone who helped out this time, and to Raj at G.G. Granvilles for storing the radar gun, digital display etc.

If you would be interested in helping out with Speed Watch in the future I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Jo Ling.
On behalf of Wymeswold Parish Council.