Neighbourhood Watch - DataTag Offer

Wymeswold Village Neighbourhood watch have kindly been offered 200 free Datatag kits which are used to mark property such as electrical items (TVs, cameras, computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc), furniture and other items of value such as family heirlooms.

The system makes use of microdots placed on the items of interest and are added by you - no one comes into your property. The items are then registered online to Datatag's database so that should you be unfortunate to experience a burglary there is an increased chance that items recovered will be returned to you. The scheme includes signage stating that your property is security marked. The company will also provide street signage to accompany the village neighbourhood area watch signs thereby acting as a wider visible deterrent.

There is no annual subscription fee (unlike other schemes) and the information is stored securely - this system has police approval. This is a great opportunity to increase assurance throughout the village and to act as a deterrent but for it to be effective there needs to be a take up of the full 200 kits (one per household). Currently we have only received a small response but for the offer to be completed we do need a large take up.

We will only be able to take up this offer if we can take up the full offer of 200 kits so please accept this generous offer. For a few minutes of your time we can increase the effectiveness of our neighbourhood watch scheme. If you are interested in a kit then please email There are 200 kits available but it will be a case of first come first served. If there are more than 200 responses then kits will be available at half the retail price (£34.99).