A New Bakery in Wymeswold

Graham and I are planning to start a micro bakery in Wymeswold.

Our aim is to bake traditionally handmade slow fermented sourdough and yeast breads and a smaller amount of traditional cakes and treats using organic and local flours with deliveries in Wymeswold and surrounding villages. We will also run occasional training courses and possibly a bread club.

We are asking for feedback from residents to find out whether they would be interested in supporting the venture.

Interested families can help by sending an email to ogdgs@aol.com to show their interest. (Any emails will only be kept to update interested parties on the project)
We are applying for a small grant to help with the cost of the bakery and this will also enable us to show a demand for good quality bread to the funding body.
The deadline for support emails is Wed 20th April.

I am more than happy to discuss our plans with any interested parties.

Sallie Hooper