Leicestershire Street Lighting Energy Reduction Project

At the December meeting of Wymeswold Parish Council Mr Paul Gibson presented Leicestershire County Council's proposals for a part-night lighting scheme for the village. The County Council is currently undertaking a project to reduce street lighting levels in the county in order to make savings on energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and reduce light pollution. Street lights which are in crucial positions highlighting safety issues or road junctions will remain lit throughout the night, however in areas which are deemed low risk the lights will be partly lit from midnight to 5:30am.

Further information is available at the LCC's website www.leics.gov.uk/lighting, but the plan for Wymeswold is on the attached .pdf file. Please note that it is only the lights marked in pink and red which are proposed to be part-lit between midnight and 5.30am. All other lights (green and black) will remain lit all night.

This is still at the consultation stage, with the scheme likely to commence in May 2012. After a period of 12 months a review will take place and any changes agreed over the lighting scheme will be implemented at that stage.

Nick Shaw